LETH & GORI is a young Danish architecture office with an international profile. LETH & GORI specializes in architecture and urban design. LETH & GORI is committed to the creation of unique, innovative projects by combining architecture, design, and art. LETH & GORI has received international acknowledgement with prizes in open international competitions in Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Austria and Sweden.

LETH & GORI delivers democratic design based on values like sustainability, dialogue, and diversity. Design is about making the right decisions. Sometimes design is doing everything. Sometimes design is doing nothing.  Architecture is a spatial negotiation between client, users, advisors, and the city.

We believe in projects that give something back to the city. By changing the hierarchy between what is public and what is private we can open a way to an architecture based on interaction, dialogue and exchange.

In 2011 LETH & GORI opened a new combined office and exhibition space in a storefront  in central Copenhagen. The space hosts changing exhibitions and a biannual architect in residency program.