Livsrum Herlev Competition

17.11.2016 / News

Photo: Peter Helles Eriksen

LETH & GORI and Folmer Studio have been selected in the invited competition for Livsrum Herlev. The Livsrum projects initiated by the The Danish Cancer Society and Realdania are cancer counselling centres situated in close relation to the hospital cancer wards. So far six Livsrum projects have been completed. Livsrum Herlev will be built on a site inhabited by trees next to the legendary Herlev Hospital highrise designed by architects Bornebusch, Brüel and Selchau in 1976.

We are currently working on a project to transform a former chapel in called the Elephant House into an activity centre in relation to Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health. We look forwards to continuing our work to create good facilities for cancer patients and their relatives in the Livsrum Herlev project.

>Livsrum website
>More info about the Elephant House project

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