28.06.2018 / News

Homes | Ensembles | City

New book from architect and researcher Peder Duelund Mortensen, ‘Homes | Ensembles | City’ opens a window to the Copenhagen of the future from a housing perspective.
LETH & GORI and BESSARDs’ STUDIO’s proposal for a new type of non-profit housing in Copenhagen – ‘Very Social Housing’, is put forward in the introduction to the book as an example of  ‘[…] a social housing project meant to challenge known conventions’.

The book forms the catalogue for the exhibition ‘Housing and Welfare’ shown at The Royal Academy in Copenhagen back in 2015.
See images from the exhibition ‘Housing and Welfare’ here: HOUSING AND WELFARE

Our good friends from BESSARDs’ STUDIO can be found here: BESSARDs’ STUDIO
Project description: Very Social Housing
The book can be bought at: Idea Books

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