Exhibition Space

LETH & GORI_21B_00-01

Office and Exhibition Space, axonometric drawing

Absalonsgade 21B is LETH & GORI’s combined office and exhibition space. The storefront space hosts exhibitions and events along with the ongoing projects of LETH & GORI.

Absalonsgade 21B hosts exhibitions curated by LETH & GORI but also exhibitions authored or curated by others. We invite curators, architects, artists and other professionals to create projects that interact with the gallery space, the office, the city and the world around us.

If you have a good idea for an exhibition or event you are welcome to contact us.


Installation view

Laura Stamer ‘Reflecting Home’


KATOxVictoria ‘Forhave’ 

Storefront at opening. Photo: Bruce Damonte

Flores & Prats ‘Ingredients & Cakes’ – Photo: Bruce Damonte


Reiulf Ramstad ‘Transforming landscapes’


Tiedje/Diestel ‘CITY:SHADOWS/CARS’

Installation view

Anna Aslaug Lund ‘Paraty’