Værksted for Arkitektur

02.06.2014 / About, Exhibition

LETH & GORI_21B_00-01
Workshop and Exhibition Space, axonometric drawing

Værksted for Arkitektur in Absalonsgade 21B is LETH & GORI and Rønnow Arkitekter’s common workshop and exhibition space. The storefront space hosts exhibitions and events along with the ongoing work and experiments of LETH & GORI and Rønnow.

If you have a good idea for an exhibition or event you are welcome to contact us.

Installation view
Laura Stamer ‘Reflecting Home’
KATOxVictoria ‘Forhave’ 
Storefront at opening. Photo: Bruce Damonte
Flores & Prats ‘Ingredients & Cakes’ – Photo: Bruce Damonte
Reiulf Ramstad ‘Transforming landscapes’
Tiedje/Diestel ‘CITY:SHADOWS/CARS’
Installation view
Anna Aslaug Lund ‘Paraty’

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