Jävla kritiker – exhibition and talk
The exhibition JÄVLA KRITIKER (DAMN CRITICS!) is now open in Copenhagen at til:værks, Willemoesgade 65. Monday the 3rd of July at 18.00 Uffe Leth and Karsten will participate in a talk about LETH & GORI’s contribution to the exhibition titled Dubbelgymnasiet. The talk also includes the Swedish architecture theorist Rasmus Wærn who is the author of the written tekst that LETH & GORI’s project is based upon.  The talk takes place in the exhibition space til:værks. See more about JÄVLA KRITIKER here>


Polychromic Space
The exhibition project Polychromic Space by architects Eva Storgaard (DK) and Marjan Michels (BE) is a reflection on polychromy in space. Starting from the ideas and multi-color experiments of artists and architects of the 1920-1930s such as Carl Petersen, Le Corbusier, Alberto Sartoris, Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg and Jozef Peeters, the exhibition space in Absalonsgade 21B becomes a laboratory of polychromatic expression. Stating that space can be shaped through the use of color, this project illustrates how spatial dimensions can be visually modified and orchestrated, – how properties such as heights, lows, distance and proximity can be elicited, how…


The exibition JÄVLA KRITIKER! is now open at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. LETH & GORI’s contribution to the exhibition is a work titled ‘Dubbelgymnasiet’ based on a text by the Swedish architecture critic Rasmus Wærn. In JÄVLA KRITIKER! architecture critique meets architectural design. The projects has participation from the six critics Mari Hvattum (NO), Gaute Brochman (NO), Ylva Frid (SE), Rasmus Waern (SE), Sara Ettrup (DK) and Martin Søberg (DK) and six architecture offices Element Arkitekter (NO), Kaleidoscope (NO), Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter (SE), Tham & Videgård (SE), architect Jonathan Houser (DK) and LETH & GORI (DK) The project is created by Morten Birk Jørgensen,…


The Wisdom of a Garden
Join us Thursday the 1st of October for the opening of Maria Finn, Elzélina Van Melle, Anna Aslaug Lund and Laura Parsons group exhibition The Wisdom of a Garden. Through photos, collages, drawings and plant experiments the exhibition conveys impressions from the world famous French landscape architect Gilles Cléments private garden in France. In October 2019 Elzélina, Maria, Anna og Laura traveled to France together to visit Gilles Cléments garden in  La Vallée, situated in the heart of the Creuse area of France. Cléments home and private garden has functioned as a kind og laboratory for his work in a period of…


Currents and Structures
Currents and Structures / Rotunda III – Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter & Steffen Levring – Exhibition opening and book launch Friday the 14th of August @ 16-20. The exhibition Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter have worked with artist Steffen Levring to revisit two of the studio’s projects. Both the pump stations along Skjern River and the birdwatch tower at Tipperne are the focal points in the exhibition and in the book Rotunda III – Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter which will be launched on the day. For the exhibition Steffen Levring has made a site-specific work based on the inherent sounds in the two built projects. Levring has…


Open Call result
We are happy to announce the proposal titled ‘The Polychromic Space’ by architects Eva Storgaard and Marjan Michels as the winner of our open call competition to create and realise an exhibition in our exhibition space on Absalonsgade 21B this spring. We have received an overwhelming amount of very good proposals for the open call – in total 46 proposals from 12 different countries. Huge congrats to the winners Eva and Marjan and thanks to all participants and the generous support from the Danish Arts Foundation for the project. More information about the winning proposal, honorable mentions and all other exhibition…


Open Call
In collaboration with The Danish Arts Foundation LETH & GORI invites interested parties to submit proposals for an exhibition that will open in the exhibition space of the studio on Absalonsgade 21B in spring 2020. The best exhibition proposal will receive financial and professional support for the planning, realisation and communication of the exhibition. The application process takes place as a mini-competition where the winning proposal will receive a fee of 75.000 DKK to realise an exhibition that opens in late March 2020. Deadline for submission of proposals are the 24th of February 2020. Program and further information can be…


Bemalinger exhibition opening
Join us Friday the 25th of October @17 for the opening of artists Jonas Georg Christensen and Peter Olsen’s exhibition Bemalinger. The exhibition shows site specific paintworks by Jonas Georg Christensen og Peter Olsens and also marks the publication of the book Paintworks [Dokument Press, Forlaget Emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten]. Exhibition period: 25th of Oct. – 13th of Dec. 2019 Open Mon.- Fri. @10-17 >emancipatssionsfrugten.org


The exhibition GIPSSTØBNINGAR describes the architecture of Petra Gipp through 17 models that are created in connection with her recently published book passage/schakt/nisch/fodring/nav – vandring [Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing, 2018]. The sculptural models are a combination of plaster castings and sockets of grey cardboard in many layers that merges with the castings and add base, weight and anchoring. The models are accompanied by music by Pelle Ossler and Christian Gabel. Petra Gipp herself comments on her exhibition and book with these words: The work on models is central. It is a method to approach architecture often, often without permission. Here,…


The Art of Building
The Art of Building – Elevation view – Photo: Hampus Berndtson LETH & GORI’s exhibition The Art of Building consists of a house and exhibition built inside the OMA designed building BLOX – the new home of The Danish Architecture Centre. LETH & GORI’s house and exhibition provides an insight into the architectural work and values of LETH & GORI. The project inhabits the space in The Danish Architecture called The Stair Gallery and joins the three separate levels of the gallery in one built structure. The exhibition is a part of the exhibition series Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery funded by…


ASYL An exhibition by Marie Jagd The 23rd of Marts – the 27th of April 2018 Opening Friday the  23rd of March @ 16-20. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday 10 – 17 untill the 27th of April 2018. With an original window from the castle ‘Næsseslottet’ as a starting point, Marie Jagd investigates the window and its view both as a metaphor and a specific building component.  The word Asyl [asylum] derives from Greek and means sanctuary. In 1984 Næsseslottet was the first Danish asylum under the Red Cross. As a consequence of the Islamic revolution in 1979 and the war between Iran and Iraq…


Spontaneous Fermentation a Tale of Cherries and Wine An exhibition by Gudrun Krabbe 15th of December 2017 – 18th of January 2018 Spontaneous Fermentation  is an exhibition on the interaction between man and nature, structure and experiments which is exactly what makes for an interesting architectural context: the creation of a framework in which culture can be grown on the basis of culture itself.


We are happy to invite everyone for the opening of Helena Westerberg’s exhibition 7 Shades of Wood on Friday the 3rd of November 2017 @17- 21.00. 7 Shades of Wood is an exhibition that displays the result of a study in the qualities of different types of wood. Architect Helena Westerberg has designed and built seven pieces of furniture in different woods. The starting point for the works has been to study the special characteristics and personality of each type of wood and utilise this in a specific design. In this way the shape and function of each piece of furniture…


VESSELS An exhibition by Architect Jonathan Houser. Exhibition period 22th September –  22nd of October 2017. VESSELS is an exhibition that shows three architectural models of time and space. Three Vessels, some to be understood as concrete ships for travelling, and all, as metaphorical containers of ideas about architecture. A memorial for perished war sailors, a house for moths and a generation star ship, together form a temporal span embodying the past, the present and the future in an attempt at capturing the frailty of the moment and the vastness of eternity in the formal language of architecture. The works presented…


Join us for the opening of Architect Jonathan Houser’s exhibition VESSELS on Friday the 22nd of September @16.00. VESSELS is an exhibition that shows three architectural models of time and space. Three Vessels, some to be understood as concrete ships for travelling, and all, as metaphorical containers of ideas about architecture. A memorial for perished war sailors, a house for moths and a generation star ship, together form a temporal span embodying the past, the present and the future in an attempt at capturing the frailty of the moment and the vastness of eternity in the formal language of architecture.…


CONCRETE CONSPIRACIES An exhibition by Mia Fryk and Spacegirls Exhibition period: 11th of August – 15th September 2017 CONCRETE CONSPIRACIES brings together work by Mia Fryk and Spacegirls [Cisse Bolholt and Elisabeth Gellein] exploring how the spaces around us determine the ways that we relate to one another. The show is a collaborative effort that combines concrete sculptures and object forms that are drawn from the familiar built environment. Scale is minimized but the material used throughout the installation remains the same, concrete forms are reconfigured to explore the physical effects of the city, bringing these experiences down to the level of…


CPH LAUNCH OF THEFXBEAUTIES.CLUB FRIDAY MAY 19TH @16.00–21.00 By Architect Christine Bjerke. ‘(On the Floating World of) the FX Beauties’ serves as the Copenhagen launch of the digital platform of the multifaceted website and publication project about the FX Beauties edited by Christine Bjerke. The launch will also include an exhibition of prints and objects produced in relation to the project. The website was first launched at the Neutra VDL House in Los Angeles March 4 2017 and is now online with contributions by Jack Self, Christine Bjerke, Adjustments Agency and more will follow as they are published serially from…


JIM DE BLOCK NEITHER HERE NOR THERE 28th of April – 7th of May 2017 Opening Friday 28th of April @ 16 – 21 Human bodies reinterpret their surroundings in this photography exhibition by dancer, choreographer, and photographer Jim De Block A bicycle path is for biking and a pavement is for walking. But what if we used these everyday spaces in new ways? In the photo series ‘Neither Here Nor There’ Belgian photographer and performance artist Jim de Block renegotiates the relation between the human body and the urban space we inhabit. Through imaginative stagings of the body in…


Previous Exhibitions: BEMALINGER Jonas Georg Christensen and Peter Olsen GIPSSTØBNINGAR Petra Gipp 3rd of May – 16th of June 2019 OMNI CHRONOS Siiku 4th of April – 14th of April 2019 ASYL Marie Jagd 23th of Marts 2018 – 27th of April 2018 SPONTANIOUS FERMENTATION Gudrun Krabbe 15th of December 2017 – 25th of January 2018 7 SHADES OF WOOD Helena Westerberg 3rd of November – 24th of November 2017 VESSELS Jonathan Hauser 22nd of September – 22nd of October 2017 CONCRETE CONSPIRACIES Mia Fryk + Spacegirls 21th of August – 15th of September 2017 NEITHER HERE NOR THERE Jim de Block 28th of April – 7th of…


EROSION An exhibition by Architect Morten Sylvest Nøhr 13th January – 10th February 2017. The intense cultivated danish landscape is shaped by the automated agriculture production, as well as small pockets of synthetic nature. The cities and suburbs are eroding the land with their everlasting need for fresh foods and fossil fuels. To maximize food production a 1 million km. net of pipe drainage have been build into the fields, providing an efficient underground megastructure supporting the surface machinery of GPS navigated tractors and unmanned farming drones. Small pockets of nature have been designed by public domains or private initiatives to facilitate…


Architect Morten Sylvest Nøhr’s exhibition ‘EROSION – Spacial interpretations from the synthetic landscape called Denmark’ is opening this Friday the 13th of January @16.00. The exhibition is open until Friday the 10th of February so feel free to pop by Absalonsgade 21B to see it.


Join us for the opening of architect Yang Wang’s exhibition SEVEN SINS Tursday the 8th of December @ 17.00. The exhibition explores the seven cardinal sins and interprets them as architectural objects in the shape of seven small pavillions.


Filigree Robotics exhibition opening
Join us for the opening of the exhibition ‘Filigree Robotics’ by ceramist Flemming Tvede Hansen [KADK Superformlab] and architectural researchers Martin Tamke, Henrik Leander Evers, Esben Clausen Clausen Nørgaard & Scott Leinweber [CITA] next Friday 11th of November 2016 @ 17.00 The exhibition presents the outcome of the research project Filigree Robotics, which experiments with the combination of traditional ceramic craft with robotic fabrication. Large-scale 3D printed ceramics are accompanied by prints, videos and ceramic probes, which introduce the material and design processes of the project. >Invitation


Join us next Thursday the 22. of September @ 16-20 for the opening of Studio Fountainhead and Foreningen Samspil’s exhibition FB44 – The Floating Reading Hall – Between Process and Realisation. There will be drinks, music, debate and a chance to learn more about the realisation of the FB44 project. The exhibition is open until the 14th of October. >Invitation


LETH & GORI are presenting six projects at the 15th International Biennale Architettura in Venezia. The main curator of the Venice Biennale, the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, asked individual countries to select today’s architectural front zones: the areas where people are fighting to increase quality of life by means of architecture and urban development. From guaranteeing very concrete, down-to-earth living standards to interpreting and fulfilling human desires, from respecting the single individual to taking care of the common good, from efficiently hosting daily activities to expanding the frontiers of civilization. In the danish pavillion LETH & GORI presents six projects that all…


TRANSITIONS is an exhibition project by ANETTE HØJLUND which takes place in LETH & GORI’s studio in Copenhagen. It unfolds as a poetic study of the phenomenon of transition. Through montages of drawing, photography, and various materials, investigations of transitions between inside and outside, between body and space, between the organic and organized, the material and the construction site are performed. TRANSITIONS will in the first half of the period unfold as a process related project where four panels, mounted on the wall, form the background for image-formations slowly clarified to individual entities. The investigation ends after two weeks; hereafter…


HJEM An exhibition by Johna Hansen 25th September – 23rd October 2015 Exhibition opening Friday 25th September @ 16.00 The exhibition HJEM [home] begins with the consideration that places as well as objects hold traces of their inhabitants or owners. That codes can be found in the way things are used, constructed or structured around, which tell stories that reach beyond their functionality. If the inhabitant/owner is also the maker of the place/object, these two entities can coalesce. In this crossover, one can discover more than that which is immediately apparent. Together we move through the space. The wood follows, copies, gathers…


Pop by Absalonsgade 21B on Thursday 30 April for the opening of Troels Steenholdt Heiredal’s exhibition Through Multiple Lenses. The exhibition feature works created over the past two years as well as a new site specific multiple lensed camera obscura constructed in the storefront. The work focuses on collecting the world / layering it through photography, printmaking and installation. Different bits and pieces are brought together and re-arranged into new compositions, new spatial realities. It situates itself in-between a very structured approach and allowing for chaos to have a vital effect on the outcome; opening a space for the viewer to enter and build upon.…


Exhibition opening – ENTREENTRE Presents Works by Nat Chard and Teis Draiby
Join us on Friday 6 March @ 16.00 for the opening of ENTREENTRE’s exhibition ENTREENTRE Presents Works by Nat Chard and Teis Draiby. ENTREENTRE is a new digital publication and exhibition platform focused on experimental architecture. The intention is to collect and present radically different and investigatory approaches to architectural process and tools and to promote critical thinking and artistic development within the architecture profession. The exhibition ENTREENTRE Presents Works by Nat Chard and Teis Draiby is the first in a series of exhibitions, events and publications by ENTREENTRE. The exhibition presents projects by architects Nat Chard (UK) og Teis…


FIRST MEASURES exhibition opening
We hope to see You for the opening of MAP Architect’s exhibition FIRST MEASURES: Site studies prior to design on Friday 23 January @ 16:00. The exhibition exemplifies four small actions relevant to the design philosophy of MAP Architects; to survey, investigate and understand the site, its challenges and potentials, before engaging with design.


PUBLIC AIR COPENHAGEN Af Philippe Rahm architectes & Frans Drewniak D. 5. december 2014 – d. 9. januar 2015 Fernisering fredag 5 december @ 16:00 ‘Public Air’ er et projekt for København der forsøger at gentænke den formelle teknologiske arv fra det 20 århundrende i forhold til til et nyt psykologiske kriterier, i forhold til at afbøde luften og støj poller fra biler og industrielle processer. indtil nu, cykling er blevet mere populær i København, i forhold til til byens designet for køretøjer. Konsekvenserne er at cyklerne deler vejen med bilerne, et resultat af det 20 århundrendes urbane planlægning. Derudover…


MARK An exhibition by ceramist Lene Roehrig Kjaer 17. October – 28. November 2014 Opening 17. October @ 16.00 Lene Roehrig Kjær recently relocated from Copenhagen to the countryside in Lolland with her husband and is now literally living on a field. Her workshop is now side by side with the material she uses most as a ceramist – clay. ‘As a ceramist I am fascinated to see the mark of mankind in the clay and in the world. When I work with clay as a ceramist, testing the possibilities of that specific material, I am working with the earth…


Instant City Life
INSTANT CITY LIFE.  An exhibition by Anne Galmar & Anne Dorthe Vestergaard/ VEGA landskab 15 August– 1  October 2014 Opening 15 August @ 16.00 Finissage 1 October @ 16 – 20.00 How to transfor a non place into a place The exhibition INSTANT CITY LIFE creates a green oasis with the exact same dimensions as a parking lot. The project combines the possibility to sit and have a rest with a garden consisting of one hundred eatable plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers. During the exhibition the garden is placed outside LETH & GORI’s office and exhibition space in Absalonsgade for both…


TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven Light
TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven Light An exhibition by Cecilie Bendixen & Astrid Mody 5. June – 1. August 2014, Monday – Friday 9 -17.00 Opening: 5th of June, 16-20.00 Finissage and concert with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay:  1. August, 16-20.00   Imagine if sound was not only an invisible phenomenon, but could be materialized and formed as a textile – layered, pleated or creased. Imagine if light was not form-or material bound, but could be woven, casted or 3D-printed. Imagine if light and sound could address textile logics and materiality, while ­ constructing and deconstructing spatial boundaries. TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven…


Værksted for Arkitektur
Værksted for Arkitektur in Absalonsgade 21B is LETH & GORI and Rønnow Arkitekter’s common workshop and exhibition space. The storefront space hosts exhibitions and events along with the ongoing work and experiments of LETH & GORI and Rønnow. If you have a good idea for an exhibition or event you are welcome to contact us.


Exhibition opening TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven Light
We hope to see you for the opening of the exhibition TEXTILISATIONS –  Pleated Sound, Woven Light By Cecilie Bendixen & Astrid Mody on Thursday 5. June from 16.00.


About Appreciation and Care
About Appreciation and Care – architectural recordings is an exhibition by architect Heidi Svenningsen Kajita. 14. March 2013 – 16. May 2014 Mon – Fri 9 – 17 The exhibition shows architectural recordings of inhabitation- and building processes in 1960s modernist large scale housing estates. Dwellings, fences, sheds, institutions, vegetation and mess can be seen to frame courtyards in the sugar cube plans. Residents, housing associations and local municipalities have both appreciated and cared for these spaces over time. Heidi Svenningsen Kajita reveals relations between inhabitation and materiality in large orthographic drawings (180 cm x 230 cm) mixing digital print and pencil on…


OUT of order exhibition opening
Pop by for the opening of the exhibition OUT OF ORDER – on the nature of materials Friday 7. February @17.00. The exhibition is initiated by Architecture Sans Frontières Denmark and curated by Nina Wöhlk.


Reflecting Home Finissage
Finissage with the disco-avantgarde band Orbit Stern Friday 31. January at 20.00 This is the last chance to see Laura Stamer’s exhibition Reflecting Home. Orbit Stern (recently returned from Japan) will play a mini-concert with tunes from their brand new album. The band consists of Frederik Hauch og Samuel Hällkvist on electric drums and guitar. www.orbitstern.com. Read more about the exhibition here>  


Reflecting Home is an exhibition by architect/ photographer Laura Stamer. 6. December 2013 – 31. January 2014. Reflecting Home  is a personal journey into the deepest corners of the home. In a series of poetic photos Laura Stamer focuses on her own domicile to test the boundaries between home as the framework of everyday life and her personal space, but also as a place with its own ever changing form of light, shadow and matter. Laura’s photos exceed the boundaries between architecture and living. With enormous sensibility and empathy Laura’s images recognise us. Or maybe they help us recognise everyday life.…


‘Reflecting home’ exhibition opening
We hope to see you for the opening of the exhibition Reflecting Home by architect/ photographer Laura Stamer on Friday the 6th of December 2013 @ 16.00. Reflecting Home is a personal journey into the deepest corners of the home. In a series of poetic photographs Laura Stamer focuses on her own domicile to test the boundaries between home as the framework of everyday life and her personal space, but also as a place with its own ever changing form of light, shadow and matter. >invitation


An exhibition by Flores & Prats Architects and artist Soraya Smithson. 5. September – 25. October 2013


ingredients & cakes exhibition opening
Please join us Thursday 5. September @ 18.00 for the opening of Flores & Prats’ exhibition INGREDIENTS & CAKES. The exhibition features four projects by Flores & Prats and also includes work by the British artist Soraya Smithson. We hope to see you for cakes, cava and beer. >Invitation The exhibition is a result of a collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture where Flores & Prats are opening the exhibition MEETING AT THE BILDING on Friday 6. September. >INGREDIENTS & CAKES + MEETING AT THE BILDING  Catalogue


7. December 2012 – 31. January2013 Opening reception Friday 7. December 2012 @  17:00 The exhibition PARATY – TIDAL TOWN by Anna Aslaug Lund, Architect MAA focuses on the relationship between city, landscape and climate. In the Brazilian town Paraty the tidal floodings are an integral part of the urban fabric. Since the city was founded by the Portuguese in 1667 residents, planners and engineers have continuously adapted the buildings and public spaces to the climate and the dynamics of the tide of the bay – today you experience the water as an important and poetic spatial element in the…


28. September 2012 – 30. November 2012 Opening reception Friday 28. September @  17:00 KATOxVictoria’s exhibition Forhave [Front Garden] transforms LETH & GORI’s exhibition space into a garden of experimental models. The exhibition presents pieces of cultivated nature with models in scales 1:100 to 1:1, expressing intuitive ideas, realized projects and a minimal treehouse of 1m2.


Batara Exhibition and Talk
The Batara exhibition by Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen will close on 7 September with a talk by Anne and Bas at 17:00 at the Royal Academy School of Architecture. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet please feel free to come by Absalonsgade. See photos from the exhibition here >


30. June 2012 – 7. September 2012 Opening reception Friday 29. June @  17:00 The exhibition shows new work by Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen. The project is supported by the Netherlands Architecture Fund and Dreyers Fond Catalogue > D. 30. juni – 7. september 2012 <Åbningas reception fredag d. 29 juni @ 17:00 Udstillingen viser nye værker af Anne Holtrop og Bas princen. Projektet er støttet af Den Hollandske Arkitektur fond og Dreyers Fond Catalogue >


Krydsbefrugtning is an exhibition by the architecture/ art / scenography/ photography-sextet Maya Peitersen, Helena Westerberg, Filippa Berglund, Camilla Hornemann, Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz and Maria Franck. 16. December 20111 –31.January 2012 Opening reception Friday 16 December @  17:00


Transforming Landscapes
11. November – 11. December 2011 Opening reception Friday 11 November @ 17:00 The Transforming Landscapes exhibition showcases the work of the Norwegian company Reiulf Ramstad Architects. The exhibition has an emphasis on new projects in dialogue with the Norwegian landscape. Common for the projects shown is that they represent the agency’s desire to create an innovative, contemporary, and timeless architecture with the landscape as the contextual raw material.


Reiulf Ramstad Architects Transforming Landscapes
The exhibition Transforming Landscapes showcases recent projects by Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Architects. The exhibition opens Friday 11 November @ 17:00. We hope to see you there


28. October – 6. November 2011 Opening Friday 28. October @  17:00 CITY:SHADOWS/CARS II by architects Greta Tiedje (born 1983, Stuttgart) og Laura Diestel (born 1984, Berlin) is the first exhibition in LETH & GORI ‘s new exhibition space on Absalonsgade 21B .  CITY:SHADOWS/CARS II explores two aspects the city that are rarely described in traditional cartography – the shadows and the cars. In Tiedje and Diestel’s maps the individual cities become beautiful graphic abstractions and stringent recognisable urban structures at the same time. While traditional maps are made so that you can orient yourself in the cityscape Tiedje and…


City:Shadows/Cars Exhibition
CITY:SHADOWS/CARS by Greta Tiedje and Laura Diestel is the first exhibition in LETH & GORI new exhibition space. Join us for the opening Friday 28 October @ 17:00.


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