Building Green

29.10.2014 / News

Building Green is a the biggest event in Denmark for sustainable design, construction and the built environment.
This year Jørgen Søndermark from Realdania Byg will present the Mini CO2 housing project including LETH & GORI’s BRICK HOUSE.

The BRICK HOUSE  is part of Realdania Byg’s large development project; The MiniCO2 Houses.
The project includes a total of six detached houses, each of which illustrates various aspects of the reduction of  CO2 emissions in the construction, operation and maintenance of a house.
The BRICK HOUSE focuses on “Maintenance and Service Life” and examines how much CO2 can be saved when a house is constructed in such a way that it has a lifetime of at least 150 years, and the building envelop does not need to be maintained during the first 50 years of the house’s service life.

The presentation will take place at Wednesday 29. October, 11.30-12.05.

Free tickets for the event can be found here: Building Green
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