15.05.2017 / Nyheder

LETH & GORI has been invited by the Institute of Architecture and Technology at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture,  to run a student workshop on housing,
The workshop is titled ‘The Developed Surface’ – and focuses on an interest in the architecture of the (main) stairwell in relation to dwelling and investigations into the routines of everyday life and ideas about ‘coming home’.

How should (or could) the main stair be seen: As an (private) interior in the city or a (public) urban space inside the house?
And what happens if the city or the building is turned inside out? What is then interior? What is exterior? Where does the building start and and street stop?

With reference to Robin Evans text ‘The Developed Surface’ from ‘Translations from Drawing to Building and Other Essays’ the workshop focuses on the architectural drawing and the process of drafting and redrafting the interior spaces and inner facades facing the stair well. From the vestibule to the skylight.

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