New housing in a unique historic context

29.06.2016 / Nyheder

Christiansfeld plan 1812


In collaboration with Kent Pedersen Architects, Bauen and Breimann & Bruun we have been selected for an invited competition to create new housing in the unique UNESCO World Heritage site of Christiansfeld, Denmark. Christiansfeld is one of the first planned cities in Denmark constructed in 1773 – 1800 by The Moravian Brothers who came from Germany to build a colony in Denmark.  The competition site is bordered to the north and south by the two main axes of Christiansfeld, Lindegade and Nørregade, and to the west by the listed Church Salshuset from 1776.  The project involves transformation of three listed buildings on Lindegade and new buildings on Nørregade.

We are happy to be involved in this fantastic project and look forward to the process.

>More info about Christiansfeld

Original masterplan for the town of Christiansfeld


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