03.12.2016 / Udstillinger

Vær med når vi åbner arkitekt Yang Wangs udstilling SEVEN SINS torsdag den 8. december kl. 17.00. Udstillingen undersøger de syv dødssynder og oversætter dem til arkitektur som syv små pavilloner.

Architectural interpretation

An exhibition by architect Yang Wang.
8th – 18th of December
Opening: Thursday 8th of December 2016 @ 17.00

Architecture, like any other art, doesn’t directly represent the nature or an abstract idea, rather the practicalities of natural situations, human life. This project focuses on translating sins into architectural scale pavilions.

For the discourse between art and architecture, there is no so-called right and wrong. We (architects) are constantly rethinking and discussing the relationship in between of them, so are you “kind of blue”? Don’t worry, we are still romantic.

Yang Wang is a Chinese architect based in Denmark. She is a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Institut for Kunst og Arkitektur.

The project is funded by STATENS KUNSTFOND


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