Groundbreaking in Oddense

29.04.2014 / News


LETH & GORI and Elkiær + Ebbeskov’s project for a new community centre in Oddense, Jutland breaks ground.
The project transforms the existing sports hall by adding a new extension that includes a common public kitchen and dining area, a multipurpose hall, new dressing room facilities etc..
The Oddense project stands on the shoulders of the traditional Danish social gathering place called ‘Forsamlingshuset’, best described as the local community centre. The project is the result of a process in which local citizens managed to raise support from the entire village of Oddense. LETH & GORI and E+E has helped the citizens to articulate a new strong vision for the community centre as the ‘New living room’ for Oddense.
Oddense community centre has received support from The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities (LOA), The municipality of Skive and LAG Skive.

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