HJEM – exhibition opening

21.09.2015 / News


Join us Friday 25th September for the opening of the exhibition HJEM by Johna Hansen.

The exhibition HJEM [home] begins with the consideration that places as well as objects hold traces of their inhabitants or owners. That codes can be found in the way things are used, constructed or structured around, which tell stories that reach beyond their functionality. If the inhabitant/owner is also the maker of the place/object, these two entities can coalesce. In this crossover, one can discover more than that which is immediately apparent.

Together we move through the space.
The wood follows, copies, gathers and tells the story.
I see myself in another language.
Imagine that you see that which is not there.
That we say the same.

Johna Hansen is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. The installation HOME at LETH & GORI is a part of her investigations of narrative constructions. The social and spatial patterns of architecture are key aspects of Johna’s work, with a methodological base in her own body and mind as the foundation for her inquiries.



By Johna Hansen

25th September – 23rd October 2015
Exhibition opening Friday 25th September @ 16.00


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