LETH & GORI recieves Nykredit’s Sustainability Award 2017

31.05.2017 / News

LETH & GORI are the proud recipients of Nykredit’s Sustainability Award 2017.

The Nykredit Architecture Prize Committee motivates the award with the following description:

LETH & GORI places sustainability centrally in their work through dialogue, social understanding and engagement – where art, the city and people are involved in an active learning process.  What distinguishes LETH & GORI is that they consider sustainability not only as a matter of solar celles and green roofs but equally as a question about choice of materials and building techniques which have proved their durability through centuries.

What makes LETH & GORI unique is that they manage to combine resource awareness and social responsibility with architectural poetry, sensuesness and a sense of place. LETH & GORi’s approch to sustainability impresses both in the small and large scale.

LETH & GORI recieved the prize from the Danish Cultural Minister Mette Bock at an event in the Nykredit headquarter the 30th of May 2017.

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