LETH & GORI wins public housing competition in Egedal

04.05.2017 / News


LETH & GORI in collaboration with the public housing association Boligforeningen 3B have won the open idea competition for public housing in Egedal Kommune. The project comprises 80 housing units which are originally intended for refugees.

The project’s starting point is a flexible housing concept where the individual housing units can adapt to changing residents and their needs.

Another focal point for the project is to build in a durable way using traditional methods and robust materials with demand a minimal amount af maintenance and result in safe and healthy houses with good indoor climate.

The project will be build on four different plots in Ølstykke, Smørrumnedre and Stenløse. The houses on each plot are distributed so they supports community within the housing area and the surrounding city.

The project is in collaboration with Boligforeningen 3B, Regnestuen and Spangenberg & Madsen Engineers.

>See the project here

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