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LETH & GORI / Elkiær + Ebbeskov: Pulsen Community Center
LETH & GORI and Elkiær + Ebbeskov: Pulsen Community Center

LETH & GORI are presenting six projects at the 15th International Biennale Architettura in Venezia.

The main curator of the Venice Biennale, the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, asked individual countries to select today’s architectural front zones: the areas where people are fighting to increase quality of life by means of architecture and urban development. From guaranteeing very concrete, down-to-earth living standards to interpreting and fulfilling human desires, from respecting the single individual to taking care of the common good, from efficiently hosting daily activities to expanding the frontiers of civilization.

In the danish pavillion LETH & GORI presents six projects that all share a fundamental humanistic focus reporting from the front of social housing, community spaces, sports buildings and educational facilities.
Projects are: Roof House (LETH & GORI), Brick House (LETH & GORI), PULSEN Community Center (with Elkiær + Ebbeskov), Langvang Multi Purpose Hall (with Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LiW Planning), Very Social Housing (with BESSARDs STUDIO), and Estonian Academy of Arts (with EFFEKT).

The Danish Architecture Centre is the Ministry of Culture Denmark’s commissioner for the biennale project. The exhibition displays a wunderkammer of architectural prototypes curated by architect Boris Brorman Jensen and philosopher Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss.

See more here: Introduction by Alejandro Aravena
nd here: The Danish contribution


Langvang Multi-purpose hall, architects: LETH & GORI and Elkiær + Ebbeskov, Liw Planning
LETH & GORI and Elkiær + Ebbeskov, LiW Planning: Langvang Multi-purpose hall
Very Social Housing. LETH & GORI and BESSARDs STUDIO
LETH & GORI and BESSARDs STUDIO: Very Social Housing
Estonian Academy og Arts. LETH & GORI and EFFEKT
LETH & GORI and EFFEKT: Estonian Academy og Arts

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