The Wisdom of a Garden

01.10.2020 / Exhibition, News

Join us Thursday the 1st of October for the opening of Maria Finn, Elzélina Van Melle, Anna Aslaug Lund and Laura Parsons group exhibition The Wisdom of a Garden. Through photos, collages, drawings and plant experiments the exhibition conveys impressions from the world famous French landscape architect Gilles Cléments private garden in France.

In October 2019 Elzélina, Maria, Anna og Laura traveled to France together to visit Gilles Cléments garden in  La Vallée, situated in the heart of the Creuse area of France.
Cléments home and private garden has functioned as a kind og laboratory for his work in a period of more than 40 years and has been the basis of his idea of the ‘wandering garden’  (‘le jardin en mouvement’). A philosophy which has inspired generations of landscape architects.

After the opening the exhibition is open on weekdays Monday – Friday at 10-17 until the 13th of November 2020.

The exhibition is supported by Dreyers Fond and Havekulturfonden.

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