1. prize in Competition for public housing in Christiansfeld

09.12.2016 / News


In a team with Kent Pedersen, Bauen and Bruun & Möllers we have won the invited competition for new public housing in the unique context of Christiansfeld. The project includes transformation of three listed buildings and adds three new buildings – a total of 2.500m2. The project site is situated in the middle of the historic UNESCO World Heritage site of Christiansfeld with the listed church Salshuset from 1776 defining the eastern site border and to the two main axes of Christiansfeld, Lindegade and Nørregade, defining the northern and southern edge of the site.

’There is no doubt that we have given the architects a difficult assignment in finding the balance between modern housing and historic architecture. We have to maintain the special values of Christiansfeld but at the same time avoid that the city becomes a museum. This balance the winning proposal has definitely succeed with in full’

Jørn Pedersen, Mayor, Kolding Municipality

The competition is organised by the housing organisation Domea in collaboration with Kolding Municipality. We look forwards to the collaboration with the client, authorities and local community on the realisation of the project.

>See the project here
>Jury rapport [Danish]

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