05.11.2021 / News

Join us for the opening of Polychromic Space by architects Eva Storgaard og Marjan Michels on the 19th of November @16:00 – 20:00.

The exhibition project is a reflection on polychromy in space. Starting from the ideas and multi-color experiments of artists and architects of the 1920-1930s such as Carl Petersen, Le Corbusier, Alberto Sartoris, Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg and Jozef Peeters, the exhibition space in Absalonsgade 21B becomes a laboratory of polychromatic expression.

Stating that space can be shaped through the use of color, this project illustrates how spatial dimensions can be visually modified and orchestrated, – how properties such as heights, lows, distance and proximity can be elicited, how the spatial framework can be manipulated and figuratively dissolve – and how color can turn static surfaces into plastic, dynamic elements.

The composition of the color planes is based on the existing elements present in the exhibition space. In this way, the site-specific elementary parts of the space and its details become decisive components for the final spatial experience.

Polychromic Space is created by architects Eva Storgaard (DK) and Marjan Michels (BE).
The exhibition is open Monday – Friday 9:00—17:00 until the 15th of January 2022

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.


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