LETH & GORI’s proposal for a new Stændertorvet in Roskilde is an urban space shaped by time, space, and landscape. The new plaza is divided into smaller plazas relating to the historic, spatial, and programmatic context. The plazas are connected by a continuous surface grid that is subdivided and densified to give identity to the individual plazas. The new Stændertorvet can accomodate a series of events and activities that will shape the plaza over time and make it a lively urban space. In addition the plaza is furnished with moveable cubes that can be reconfigured according to the needs of…


OPEN HOUSE is the title of LETH & GORI’s proposal for a new sustainable City Hall in Tåby. The building contains city hall, administration, and citizen services. The program is distributed in a 5 story bulding with an open air atrium and a mezzanine containing the semi-public programs like wedding room, gallery, and meeting spaces. The landscape of the city is an integrated part of the building. An urban space cuts into the building creating a public passage through the building and a new link in the city. The project introduces sustainability on several levels of the design including solar…


Three Crosses Square
MY SPACE – YOUR SPACE is the title of LETH & GORI’s proposal for Three Crosses Square in Warsaw. The project includes a new simplified traffic layout for the square that maximizes urban space. The square is divided into two plazas that can accomodate different programs, events, and activities. A new House of Fashion building is proposed in the south east of the square and a new urban landscape in the North West. Project: Three Crosses Square (Plac Trzech Krzyzy) Year: 2010 Client: City of Warsaw Type:International Competition Programme: Traffic planning, parking, urban space, new building, and urban furniture  Area: 26.000m2 Architects: LETH & GORI  Consultant: Niras Status: Settled


LETH & GORI wins award in vartov plaza competition
LETH & GORI’s proposal for a new Vartov Plaza in Copenhagen recieved praice from the jury for its commited manifestations of sustainable solutions. >See the project here


Vartov is LETH & GORI’s proposal for a new sustainable urban space in Copenahagen. The plaza is situated in central Copenhagen next to the City Hall. The plaza accomodates a variety of programmes and events like concerts, markets, and theater. The project features several sustainable initiatives including recycling of rain water, windmills, and solar energy. In addition the surface of the plaza is a collage of sustainable and recycled materials. LETH & GORI was awarded a 4th place in the open competition from 33 entries. Project: Vartov Plaza Year: 2009 Client: Københavns Kommune Type: Competition  Programme: Energy producing public spaceArea: 9.000m2 Architects: LETH & GORI Status: 4th Place


Fratres is the title of one of the most well known compositions by Arvo Pårt. The word FRATRES means brothers and is also the title of LETH & GORI’s proposal for the new St Paul’s church and Vabaduse Square. Fratres is a project that aims to add a new cultural layer to Rakvere. A complex of buildings and programmes in close connection to each other and to the city. The special combination of buildings, urban spaces, and programmes will create a place with a unique atmosphere. A possible new cultural centerpoint of Rakvere. Project: Fratres Year: 2009 Client: City Government of Rakvere Type: International Competition Programme: Concert hall, dance…


Water Tower Ängelholm
Water Tower is LETH & GORI’s proposal for a new water activity building in Ängelholm, Sweden. The project reciewed an honorable mention in the international competition. The competition had 190 participants from 13 countries. Water Tower is a vertical water world with stacked environments containing water, fun, relaxation, fitness and a spectacular roof terrace with views to the sea, city and landscape. – A total of 6.000 square meters. In addition the project proposes a new recreational circle of parks and urban spaces. The Water Tower park is one of the new urban nodes. The park is organised with free…


leth & gori wins honorable mention in Ängelholm
LETH & GORI recieves an honorable mention in the competition for a new water building in Ängelholm, Sweden. The open international competition had 190 participants from 13 countries. See the project here>


The project for a new Parish House in Fløng is based on two ideas – better visual connection to the existing church and an improved interaction between the church and the city. The project proposes three pavilion-like buildings connected by public spaces. The layout and programme of the buildings is organised to get good views of the church and programmatic proximity to the city at the same time. The project introduces two urban levels. One in close relation to the church and one in relation to the city. Project: Fløng Parish House Type: Open competition Year: 2008 Programme: Culture House,…


Estonian Academy of Arts
The project Art Plaza was awarded 1st place in the international competition for a new Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. The competition had 91 participants from 26 countries. The building contains institutions for art, architecture, design, and art history, with workshops, labs, classrooms, cafe, gallery, library, and auditoriums – a total of 25.000 square meters. The starting point of the project is an urban strategy that joins the many complex programs in one simple concept: A compact box with a spiraling public atrium. This concept liberates space and makes it possible to give half of the site back to…


LETH & GORI wins Estonian Academy of Arts competition
LETH & GORI have won the competition for a new building for the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. The competition had 91 participants from 26 countries. The project is a collaboration with EFFEKT. See the project here>


holmenkollen ski jump
  LETH & GORI’s project ’tind’ was awarded 3rd place in the international competition for a new Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo. The project continues the unique profile of Holmenkollen in a contemporary formal language and brings the building structure as a whole back to a natural arena in close relation to the landscape. The building is tied together by a cable elevator running from the top of the jump, through the building for public and press below, under the tribune and ends by the top of the tribune bowl. The project is designed to be used all year as…


{:en}Topping out ceremony on Museum of Copenhagen{:}{:da}Rejsegilde på Københavns Museum{:}
{:en}The ongoing restoration and transformation work on the new Museum of Copenhagen and Stormgade 20 has reached the topping out ceremony which will be celebrated on 19th January 2017. Together with our partner Rørbæk og Møller, LETH & GORI leads the entire design team and construction management on site. The project is the result of a year-long and inspiring design process in close collaboration with The Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen City Archives (Københavns Stadsarkiv), The City of Copenhagen – Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen and Byggeri København. See more here: Museum of Copenhagen And here: Transformation project Stormgade 20 {:}{:da}Vi glæder os til…


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