Tingbjerg Culture House and Library
LETH & GORI have been selected for the competition for a new culture house and library in Tingbjerg, Copenhagen. We are collaborating with Erik Møller Arkitekter, GHB and Bascon on the project.


Batara Exhibition and Talk
The Batara exhibition by Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen will close on 7 September with a talk by Anne and Bas at 17:00 at the Royal Academy School of Architecture. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet please feel free to come by Absalonsgade. See photos from the exhibition here >


Skien Brygge
LETH & GORI and A-Lab’s project for Skien Brygge is now moving forward. The sustainable urban community in Skien, Norway is a result of a competition organized by Rom Eiendom and Grenland Havn in 2010. See the project here.


30. June 2012 – 7. September 2012 Opening reception Friday 29. June @  17:00 The exhibition shows new work by Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen. The project is supported by the Netherlands Architecture Fund and Dreyers Fond Catalogue > D. 30. juni – 7. september 2012 <Åbningas reception fredag d. 29 juni @ 17:00 Udstillingen viser nye værker af Anne Holtrop og Bas princen. Projektet er støttet af Den Hollandske Arkitektur fond og Dreyers Fond Catalogue >


Show Me Your Model Exhibition
LETH & GORI are represented in the exhibition Show Me Your Model at the Danish Architecture Center. We are showing a model of PULSEN Community Center in 1:200 scale. The exhibition opens on the 21 June @ 17:00.


Forfatterhuset Kindergarten
Model The project for Forfatterhuset Kindergarten is the result of an invited competition. The starting point for the project is two large trees that inhabit the site. The building embraces these trees and integrates them in the design of the building. One tree creates a central courtyard in the building and the other tree creates a space that opens to the outside world and connects the courtyard and the playground. The two trees become an important part of the daily life in the building creating a situation where the border between outside and inside is blurred. The changing light that is filtered through the branches and…


LETH & GORI receives Danish Arts Council’s Three Year Scholarship
LETH & GORI have been awarded a Three Year Scholarship from the Danish Arts Council. In the motivation from the selection committee LETH & GORI receives praise for the high quality of architecture and for insisting on a dialogue with the surrounding world through exhibitions and events.


Campus Ringsted
A team with LETH & GORI as total consultant and collaborators E+E, Schul Landscape, Jørgen Nielsen Engineers, and Jens-Peter Madsen Engineers have been selected to make a proposal in the competition for a new sports building in Ringsted, Denmark.


Anne Holtrop residency and exhibition
We are proud to announce Anne Holtrop as the first participant in LETH & GORI’s biannual architect in residency programme. Anne will work in LETH & GORI’s combined office and exhibition space through June and the exhibition will open 30 June.


LETH & GORI have been selected to participate in the competition for a new building for children on Prinssesegade in Copenhagen. We are collaborating with Erik Møller, Schul Landskab, and Dines Jørgensen Engineers on the project.


Chalmers Lecture
We have been invited to talk about competitions at Chalmers School of Architecture in Goteborg, Sweden. The lecture takes place on 25 April @ 16:00.


Third Prize in Salzburg
LETH & GORI have been awarded 3rd prize in the open competition for a new Music Gymnasium in Salzburg, Austria. The competition received 55 entries. See the project here>


Music Gymnasium
LETH & GORI’s project for an extension to Music Gymnasium Salzburg received a 3. Price in the open international competition. The project creates a new extension to the school without stealing space or light from the existing densely built site. This is done by digging out the northern part of the site and inserting the extension as a one-storey building with courtyards and skylights. The roof of the building becomes a new playful urban landscape for the students. The starting point of the design was to identify the main values and spatial qualities of the existing school and maintain and…


‘Show Me Your Model’ Talk and Debate @ DAC
In connection with the Show Me Your Model exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC), LETH & GORI are participating in an event that puts focus on the architectural model as a medium. The event takes place 20 September @ DAC. >More info here


Prinsessegade Phase Two
LETH & GORI have been selected for the second phase of the Prinsessegade competition. The project includes new daycare an afterschool facilities for 620 children. We are collaborating with Erik Møller Architects, Schul Landscape, and Dines Jørgensen Engineers.


Two Kindergartens
In collaboration with Erik Møller Arkitekter, Preben Skaarup Landscape and OBH engineers we have been prequalified for competition for two kindergartens in Copenhagen. The projects are based on the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia. We look forward to the challenge..


Hersted National Park
As part of a multidisciplinary international team LETH & GORI have been prequalified for the 2-phased competition for Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund, Denmark. The challenge is to create visions for future sustainable urban development of the 1.6 million m2 area.


Lecture in Lund
We have been invited to talk about our work this Friday 2 February @ 10:00 as part of the LTH School of Architecture Scandinavian architecture and urbanism course. We are happy to be selected along with fine Scandinavian offices like Tham & Videgård, BIG, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, and Jarmund & Vigsnæs.


Marthagården Part of Travelling Exhibition
LETH & GORI and Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter’s project for Marthagården is part of the travelling exhibition ‘Day care institutions of the future.’ The exhibition opens in Copenhagen today.


Teaching @ Lund School of Architecture
Uffe has started teaching at Lund School of Architecture, Department of Conservation and Transformation. The school occupies a building by one of LETH & GORI’s favorite architects, Klas Anshelm.


Krydsbefrugtning is an exhibition by the architecture/ art / scenography/ photography-sextet Maya Peitersen, Helena Westerberg, Filippa Berglund, Camilla Hornemann, Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz and Maria Franck. 16. December 20111 –31.January 2012 Opening reception Friday 16 December @  17:00


LETH & GORI in Aarhus
We have been invited to give a lecture about our work at the Aarhus School of Architecture this Thursday 24 November @ 16:00.


Røldal Pilgrim Center
LETH & GORI’s competition entry for a Pilgrim Centre in Røldal creates a new building in close connection with the 13th century church. The Pilgrim Centre is a hub for experiencing Røldal’s unique history, nature and architecture. The Centre accommodates for pilgrims as well as spaces for the priest and church administration. The project encompasses semi covered urban spaces for events and activities connected to the Church and Pilgrim Centre. The new building is made as an extension to the existing church wall. This way the Pilgrim Centre becomes a natural and integral part of the Church complex. Inside the…


Transforming Landscapes
11. November – 11. December 2011 Opening reception Friday 11 November @ 17:00 The Transforming Landscapes exhibition showcases the work of the Norwegian company Reiulf Ramstad Architects. The exhibition has an emphasis on new projects in dialogue with the Norwegian landscape. Common for the projects shown is that they represent the agency’s desire to create an innovative, contemporary, and timeless architecture with the landscape as the contextual raw material.


Lidkoping Police Building is LETH & GORI’s proposal in the open competition for a new police headquarter and public parking facilities in Lidkoping, Sweden. The project site is an open square on the border of Lidkoping’s historical urban plan from 1672. The site is an important entrance point to the historic city and one of the design objectives of teh competition was hoe to emphasize this. LETH & GORI’s proposal is a hybrid project that balances between building and urban space. The police building is lifted and perforated to create a series of different public spaces. In addition the building…


Reiulf Ramstad Architects Transforming Landscapes
The exhibition Transforming Landscapes showcases recent projects by Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Architects. The exhibition opens Friday 11 November @ 17:00. We hope to see you there


28. October – 6. November 2011 Opening Friday 28. October @  17:00 CITY:SHADOWS/CARS II by architects Greta Tiedje (born 1983, Stuttgart) og Laura Diestel (born 1984, Berlin) is the first exhibition in LETH & GORI ‘s new exhibition space on Absalonsgade 21B .  CITY:SHADOWS/CARS II explores two aspects the city that are rarely described in traditional cartography – the shadows and the cars. In Tiedje and Diestel’s maps the individual cities become beautiful graphic abstractions and stringent recognisable urban structures at the same time. While traditional maps are made so that you can orient yourself in the cityscape Tiedje and…


City:Shadows/Cars Exhibition
CITY:SHADOWS/CARS by Greta Tiedje and Laura Diestel is the first exhibition in LETH & GORI new exhibition space. Join us for the opening Friday 28 October @ 17:00.


10 Emerging Nordic Architects
LETH & GORI has been invited to exhibit at ARKITEKTURMASSAN in Goterborg as one of 10 Emerging Nordic Architects. The exhibition showcases the work of ALA architects, Mia Hagg, JAJA, Elding Oscarsson, AoA, COBE, Testbedstudio, Ghilardi Hellsten, Fantastic Norway, and LETH & GORI.


Marthagården kindergarten
LETH & GORI and Dorte Mandrup’s winning proposal for Marthagården Day Care Center consists of a new building and the refurbishment of two existing protected buildings. The project seeks to maintain the unique qualities of the existing buldings and add a new building that connects the individual buildings without compromising the contact between inside and outside. The project integrates innovative sustainable solutions in both new and old buildings. The focus is to create high quality spaces with good daylight conditions and indoor climate, environment friendly materials and low energy consumption. In addition the new building has solar cells as an…


LETH & GORI’s competition proposal for a new museum in the historic Viking thingstead Gulatinget is a site specific piece of architecture with strong references to Viking era buildings and design. The programme of the circular museum building includes exhibition areas, an auditorium, workshops, and a cafe. Arriving to the site visitors are led to a lifted roof plaza that offers an overview of the historic area. From the plaza an open public stair through the building leads visitors to the museum entrance or directly to the park, giving them a free peek into the museum on the way. Project: Gulatinget…


1st Prize in Competition for New Community Center
LETH & GORI & Elkiær + Ebbeskov have won the open competition for ‘PULSEN’ – a new community center in Balling, Denmark. See the project here.


1st Prize in Marthagården Competition
LETH & GORI and Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter have won the competition for Marthagården Day Care Center in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The project is a collaboration with Marianne Levinsen Landscape, Henrik Larsen, and Jørgen Nielsen Engineers.


LETH & GORI og G ARK har lavet et forslag til en ny bæredygtig bygning for Jøssingfjord Museum. Det nye museum er i centrum for gæster der kommer for at opleve det sublim landskab og kulturelle attraktioner ved Jøssingfjord. bygningen er fint rejst fra grunden så landskabet og den lille å løber fredeligt under bygningen. Derudover gør frisk luft, gårdhaven og åbninger i facaden og taget at gæsterne hele tiden er i kontakt med naturen. Project: Jøssingfjord Museum Year: 2011 Client: Dalanerådet Type: International Competition Programme: Exhibition areas, cafe, shop, auditorium, and administration Area: 2.200m2 Architects: LETH & GORI + G Ark Status: Idea


Devils Tower
{:en} Aerial ViewLETH & GORI has developed an exhibition project titled Devils Tower. Devils tower is monolithic volcanic mountain located in Wyoming. Devils Tower is known from the Steven Spielberg film Close encounters of the Third Kind where it facilitates the meeting between human kind and the strangers from outer space. LETH & GORI’s  re-enacts Devils Tower and places it in an urban context on Kgs Nytorv [Kings Square] in Copenhagen. The tower is filled with programmes and spaces that represents everything that is ‘strange’ to the city. Programmes and people that are normally hidden away like prisons, refugee camps,…


Leth & Gori’s proposal for a new extension to Falkonergården Gymnasium is both a respectful addition to the existing buildings and an attempt to turn the existing structure inside out. The key idea is to integrate the city into the school and to project the school into the city. This is done in a series of programmatic and formal gestures that result in a new separate building in close connection to the existing buildings. The new building contains classrooms, canteen and informal spaces for learning and social interaction in a four storey high tower. Project: Falkonergården Gymnasium Year: 2011 Client: Falkonergården Type: International Competition Programme: Classrooms, canteen, sport facilities,…


1st Prize in Skien Competition
LETH & GORI and A-Lab have won the competition for Skien Brygge in Norway. The project is designed as a compact urban community with housing, offices, retail, and urban space.


Teaching @ The Royal Academy
Karsten has started teaching at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, department 2 ‘Town and building’.


Small Towers
SMALL TOWERS is LETH & GORI’s proposal for new green towers for Oslo. The towers are small biotopes that can be configured with a variety of plants and vegetation. The towers are a new type of living urban furniture that creates new habitat in the city. Functionally the towers give access to underground systems like tunnels and technical plants. Project: Small Towers Year: 2010 Client: Oslo Kommune Type: Competition Programme: Green urban furniture Architects: LETH & GORI Status: Idea


Skien Brygge
The project for a new urban community in Skien was awarded 1st prizein the international competition. The project transforms a former harbor area into a new compact urban community with housing, offices, retail, and urban space. The vision for Skien Brygge is to create a new sustainable urban community in close relation to the city, the water, and the landscape. The project features new diverse urban spaces for interaction, recreation, and cultural activities. The new Skien Brygge promotes holistic urban development and facilitates a sustainable lifestyle with low consumption of energy and resources. The project is a collaboration with A-lab.…


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