HOUSING IN THE GAPS OF THE CITY – Exhibition opening
Join us for the opening of the pop-up exhibition ‘Housing in the gaps of the city’ on Friday 4th of September, 17.00 – 21.00.


Roof House
Roof House is a project that completely transforms an existing villa beautifully situated on a large site filled with trees in Fredensborg, Denmark.  The existing house is occupied by a family with three children and the specific needs of the family formed the basis of the project. Planning restrictions on the site called for a careful and minimal approach and this lead to the idea of extending the house by upwards by adding a series of roof buildings. This way the project adds a new bedroom and a workspace as well as skylights and sleeping platforms for all the childrens…


Quietness, silence, texure, material and light. Nicolai Steinø’s review of LETH & GORI and Elkiær+Ebbeskov’s community center PULSEN in the Danish magazine Arkitekten, recognizes the influence of the open windy northern danish landscape on the quiet robustness and greyscale toning of the building complex. The immense scale of the landscape is contrasted by the warm and soft interior of warm colored and wood lined niches, pockets, built-in seating and furniture – all designed with reference to the human scale and body. The review is illustrated by new beautiful photos by Danish photographer Adam Mørch: www.adammork.dk See the project here: PULSEN


Wallpaper* Architects Directory 2015
LETH & GORI has been selected for Wallpaper’s annual Architects Directory which celebrates 20 rising-star architecture practices from around the world. The Architects Directory 2015 is published in Wallpapers July edition and can also be revived on Wallpaper’s website.


LETH & GORI recieves award in housing competition
LETH & GORI have received an honorable mention in the open competition Dalslandsstugan 2.0 for a new type of detached house in Dalsland, Sweden. The competition attracted 122 participants – a total of 6 projects were awarded by the jury. LETH & GORI’s proposal receives praise from the jury for its limited footprint and low ecological impact on the landscape, strong architecture and sculptural qualities.   >See the project here >Competition website


Dalsland House
Through the last centuries human habitation and cultivation has transformed the original forests and open landscapes. New settlements in the landscape and along the coasts seem to suffer from amnesia. The basic understanding of the scale of the landscape, how landscape were created and what it consists of, seems to have been replaced by a perception of the landscape as a network of invisible borders dividing it into zones, fields, and plots regulated, owned and controlled by humans. The result is a domestication of landscape, a taming of the wild, uncontrollable nature. In this process, nature has lost its greatness…


Victory in bid for Museum of Copenhagen
In collaboration with Rørbæk & Møller Architects we have won the contract for designwork in connection with the relocation of the Museum of Copenhagen. The museum will inhabit Architect Hans Jørgen Holm’s listed building from 1894 located on Stormgade 18 in central Copenhagen. The project also includes new administration facilities and archives in the neighbouring building Stormgade 20. We are extremly happy with the prospect to work with this fantastic building and project.


Pop by Absalonsgade 21B on Thursday 30 April for the opening of Troels Steenholdt Heiredal’s exhibition Through Multiple Lenses. The exhibition feature works created over the past two years as well as a new site specific multiple lensed camera obscura constructed in the storefront. The work focuses on collecting the world / layering it through photography, printmaking and installation. Different bits and pieces are brought together and re-arranged into new compositions, new spatial realities. It situates itself in-between a very structured approach and allowing for chaos to have a vital effect on the outcome; opening a space for the viewer to enter and build upon.…


ROOF HOUSE is rewarded Fredensborg Municipality Architecture Prize 2015 for ‘[…] an example of how the close collaboration between client and architect can create outstanding architecture. A simple and precise transformation of the existing 60s villa into a contemporary dwelling. A great inspirations to others.’ The project would never have been realized without the hard work and great confidence in our design and ideas from the owners of the house. We are really happy and proud to receive the prize with them. See the project here: ROOF HOUSE Link to Fredensborg Municipality: http://www.fredensborg.dk


Review of the exhibition ‘Housing and Welfare – Homes|Ensembles|City’
LETH & GORI og Powerhouse Companys ‘Very social Housing’ project receives positive review in the Danish newspaper Politiken. Kartsen Ifversen writes about the project: ‘[…] Here you’ll find warm materials and a discreet but very sensory variation. The architects have considered the quality of the individual dwellings from the inside-out as well as the functional-aesthetically experience of the housing forming a part of the street scape from the outside.’ See the project here: Very Social Housing The Politiken review is online and you can read it here.


About 30 % of all Danish households now live in the capital, and it is expected that 1,000 new citizens will move to Copenhagen every month over the coming years – more than 10,000 per year. This makes it difficult to build in general, and almost impossible to build cheaply. Many search in vain for a suitable home that they can afford. In the exhibition Housing and Welfare – Homes | Ensembles | City, LETH & GORI and Powerhouse Company’s ‘very social housing’ project for Boligforeningen 3B, researches one answer to the question if there are forms of housing and its ensembles that suggest Copenhagen…


Housing and Welfare
LETH & GORI and Powerhouse Company’s project for ‘Very Social Housing’ in Copenhagen is exhibited at the Housing and Welfare exhibition opening at the Royal Academy School of Architecture tomorrow 18 March @ 16.00. The exhibition investigates the future of Copenhagen as a residential city through a series of planned or proposed projects. >See the project here >Housing and Welfare website


Museum of Copenhagen
In a team with Rørbæk & Møller and Hundsbæk & Henriksen we have been selected to bid on the project for relocation of the Museum of Copenhagen. The museum is moving from our neighbourhood in Vesterbro to a more central location in Stormgade 18-20 where they will inhabit an existing listed building from the 1890IES by the Danish architect H. J. Holm.


Exhibition opening – ENTREENTRE Presents Works by Nat Chard and Teis Draiby
Join us on Friday 6 March @ 16.00 for the opening of ENTREENTRE’s exhibition ENTREENTRE Presents Works by Nat Chard and Teis Draiby. ENTREENTRE is a new digital publication and exhibition platform focused on experimental architecture. The intention is to collect and present radically different and investigatory approaches to architectural process and tools and to promote critical thinking and artistic development within the architecture profession. The exhibition ENTREENTRE Presents Works by Nat Chard and Teis Draiby is the first in a series of exhibitions, events and publications by ENTREENTRE. The exhibition presents projects by architects Nat Chard (UK) og Teis…


ByNaturrum Randers
ByNaturrum Randers receives support from The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities [Lokale og Anlægsfonden] and The Danish Outdoor Council [Friluftsrådet]. The 140m2 building is an invitation to the citizens of Randers to experience and learn more about nature.


FIRST MEASURES exhibition opening
We hope to see You for the opening of MAP Architect’s exhibition FIRST MEASURES: Site studies prior to design on Friday 23 January @ 16:00. The exhibition exemplifies four small actions relevant to the design philosophy of MAP Architects; to survey, investigate and understand the site, its challenges and potentials, before engaging with design.


PULSEN is the new sustainable community center in Balling. The project is the result of an open architecture competition in 2011 won by LETH & GORI in collaboration with Elkiær + Ebbeskov.  The new centre combines programmes within healthcare, culture, sports, and education organized as a small city with buildings, plazas, streets, and alleys. In addition to the building the project also includes masterplanning of the surrounding landscape with urban spaces, parking, football fields, tennis court and a new running path. The open competition that was organized by The Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture Facilities – Lokale og anlægsfonden, had 43 participants. Photos are…


Brick House on the cover of Arkitekten Magazine
The January issue of Danish magazine Arkitekten features an interview with LETH & GORI along with four of our recent projects Brick House, Pulsen Hungarian House of Music and Roof House. 


Halmtorvet V Open House and Event
As part of a group of citizens on Vesterbro, Copenhagen we have been working with Halmtorvet since last summer. In a series of workshops with different user groups we have discussed the development of Halmtorvet and generated ideas for this historic urban space in Copenhagen. Now it’s Your turn to share Your ideas for the development of Halmtorvet. Join us next week in Absalonsgade and give us your thoughts: Open House Thursday and Friday 15-16 January 14:00 – 17:00 Music and drinks Friday 16 January 17:00 – 19:00 You can also join the discussion on Halmtorvet V’s Facebook page The…


BRICK HOUSE featured on ArchDaily’s 50 Best Houses of 2014
BRICK HOUSE is featured on ArchDaily’s ’50 Best Houses of 2014′. The list represents a wide range of innovative projects from all around the world including some of our own favourites like Tham & Videgård Arkitekters House on Husarö and many more. BRICK HOUSE is very happy! See ArchDaily’s list here: http://www.archdaily.com/582057/archdaily-s-50-best-houses-of-2014/ And the presentation here: BRICK HOUSE


OddenseHus nearing completion
OddenseHus is nearing completion. Based on the drive and donations of local citizens of the city of Oddense, the project transforms the existing sports hall by adding a new extension that includes a common public kitchen and dining area, a multipurpose hall, new dressing room facilities etc.. OddenseHus is the result of a collaboration between architect firms LETH & GORI, Elkiær + Ebbeskov and Arkitektfirmaet Andreas Ravn. The project has received funding from The Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture Facilities  (Lokale- og Anlægsfonden), Municipality of Skive, Landdistrikter.dk, Den A.P. Møllerske Støttefond and Spar Vest Fonden.


{:en} The exhibition PUBLIC AIR COPENHAGEN by Philippe Rahm architectes & Frans Drewniak opens Friday 5 December @ 16:00. Joins us for a discussion about biking in Copenhagen and  hot drinks…


The exhibition PUBLIC AIR COPENHAGEN by Philippe Rahm architectes & Frans Drewniak opens Friday 5 December @ 16:00. Joins us for a discussion about biking in Copenhagen and  hot drinks…


PUBLIC AIR COPENHAGEN Af Philippe Rahm architectes & Frans Drewniak D. 5. december 2014 – d. 9. januar 2015 Fernisering fredag 5 december @ 16:00 ‘Public Air’ er et projekt for København der forsøger at gentænke den formelle teknologiske arv fra det 20 århundrende i forhold til til et nyt psykologiske kriterier, i forhold til at afbøde luften og støj poller fra biler og industrielle processer. indtil nu, cykling er blevet mere populær i København, i forhold til til byens designet for køretøjer. Konsekvenserne er at cyklerne deler vejen med bilerne, et resultat af det 20 århundrendes urbane planlægning. Derudover…


{:en} The exhibition PUBLIC AIR COPENHAGEN by Philippe Rahm architectes & Frans Drewniak opens Friday 5 December @ 16:00. Joins us for a discussion about biking in Copenhagen and  hot drinks…


The online forum World-Architects has interviewed LETH & GORI about architectural models for an article in their weekly eMagazine. See a selection of LETH & GORI’s models here…


MARK An exhibition by ceramist Lene Roehrig Kjaer 17. October – 28. November 2014 Opening 17. October @ 16.00 Lene Roehrig Kjær recently relocated from Copenhagen to the countryside in Lolland with her husband and is now literally living on a field. Her workshop is now side by side with the material she uses most as a ceramist – clay. ‘As a ceramist I am fascinated to see the mark of mankind in the clay and in the world. When I work with clay as a ceramist, testing the possibilities of that specific material, I am working with the earth…


Building Green
Building Green is a the biggest event in Denmark for sustainable design, construction and the built environment. This year Jørgen Søndermark from Realdania Byg will present the Mini CO2 housing project including LETH & GORI’s BRICK HOUSE. The BRICK HOUSE  is part of Realdania Byg’s large development project; The MiniCO2 Houses. The project includes a total of six detached houses, each of which illustrates various aspects of the reduction of  CO2 emissions in the construction, operation and maintenance of a house. The BRICK HOUSE focuses on “Maintenance and Service Life” and examines how much CO2 can be saved when a house…


MARK – exhibition opening
Please join us for the opening of ceramist Lene Roehrig Kjær’s exhibition MARK on the 17th of October. The exhibition takes its starting point in the double meaning of the title MARK. In Danish MARK means field and in English MARK means to make a visible impression in or stain on something. Lene Roehrig Kjær recently relocated from Copenhagen to the countryside in Lolland with her husband and is now literally living on a field. Her workshop is now side by side with the material she uses most as a ceramist – clay. ‘As a ceramist I am fascinated to see the…


Inauguration of PULSEN
Friday, 3 October marks the official opening of PULSEN – The Community Center of the Future, in Balling, Jutland. The new facility is conceived as a village within the village, and includes separate buildings for athletics, heathcare, culture, and wellness. Individual buildings are connected by a series of streets and plazas roofed in glass to maximize daylight penetration. These links are conceived as having the scale of covered squares, streets, pockets, niches, and transition spaces – in other words, a new yet familiar urban framework. We look forward to seeing you all at PULSEN, friday 3 october at 13.00. The…


Harvest Festival
LETH & GORI, VEGA landskab and Aarstiderne are happy to invite you to ‘Harvest Festival’ with drinks and green street kitchen on Architecture Day 1. October 16.30 – 18.00. The event will take place in front of our office in Absalonsgade and concludes the exhibition ‘Instant City Life’ by VEGA landskab. >More info about the Architecture Day programme here [Danish]


Karsten lectures today at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture on the architectural quality of timber construction. Starting from LETH & GORI’s year-long interest in the performance and ecological and sustainable issues in timber constructions, the lecture will discuss the building site and the (hidden) attic and loft spaces as powerfull ressources for a new way of constructing using exposed timber. The lecture takes place at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, auditorium 2 @ 13.00. [Image previous page: BRICK HOUSE, attic]


Teaching at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture
Uffe and Karsten are both teaching at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in the new Institute of Architecture and Technology. Karsten is involved in the Bachelor programme titled Architecture’s Anatomy and Fabrication lead by Nini Leimand and Jan Søndergaard.  Uffe is engaged in the Master programme titled Settlement, Ecology and Tectonics lead by Frans Drewniak and Anne Beim. >The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture >Institute of Architecture and Technology


House of Hungarian Music
BUILDING AN(-D) INSTRUMENT The New House of Hungarian Music frames a richness of diverse spaces for experience, learning and relaxing that support the educational development and understanding of the nature of sound and the origin of music. A new museum building with a ‘soft’ curved interior that ‘surrounds’, ‘reverbs’, ‘mirrors’, ‘tunes’ and ‘curves’ sound  and music – just like the complex interior of an instrument. The building itself is ’quiet’, simple and robust and seeks to push forward the value of the site and the park. A strong architectural frame for the new Museum of Hungarian Music. THE WIND IN THE…


Instant City Life
INSTANT CITY LIFE.  An exhibition by Anne Galmar & Anne Dorthe Vestergaard/ VEGA landskab 15 August– 1  October 2014 Opening 15 August @ 16.00 Finissage 1 October @ 16 – 20.00 How to transfor a non place into a place The exhibition INSTANT CITY LIFE creates a green oasis with the exact same dimensions as a parking lot. The project combines the possibility to sit and have a rest with a garden consisting of one hundred eatable plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers. During the exhibition the garden is placed outside LETH & GORI’s office and exhibition space in Absalonsgade for both…


Very Social Housing
LETH & GORI’s and Bessards Studio’s proposal for a new type of non-profit housing in Copenhagen focuses on creating a robust framework for the individual lives of the inhabitants and for community between the inhabitants.


‘instant city life’ exhibition opening
After three years of exhibitions in the storefront exhibition space of Absalonsgade 21B we are now ready to conquer the street. Join us for the opening of VEGA landskab’s exhibition ‘INSTANT CITY LIFE’ on Friday 15. August from 16.00. VEGA landskab have created a small park, the size of a parking spot, and filled it with plants, herbs and flowers for everyone to enjoy. About ‘INSTANT CITY LIFE’ The project is developed Anne Dorthe Vestergaard og Anne Galmar/ VEGA landskab in collaboration with Søren Ejlersen and Aarstiderne.com. Gartner Heiner Aldinger has composed and cultivated the plants during the summer. Opening 15. August 2014…


Brick House nominated for LEAF Award
Brick House has been nominated for a LEAF Award in the category ‘Residential Building of the Year – Single Occupancy’.


TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven Light
TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven Light An exhibition by Cecilie Bendixen & Astrid Mody 5. June – 1. August 2014, Monday – Friday 9 -17.00 Opening: 5th of June, 16-20.00 Finissage and concert with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay:  1. August, 16-20.00   Imagine if sound was not only an invisible phenomenon, but could be materialized and formed as a textile – layered, pleated or creased. Imagine if light was not form-or material bound, but could be woven, casted or 3D-printed. Imagine if light and sound could address textile logics and materiality, while ­ constructing and deconstructing spatial boundaries. TEXTILISATIONS – Pleated Sound, Woven…


Fur Diatoms
For almost two years we have been working on a small project on the island Fur in Denmark. The site on Fur is one of ten unique sites in the Danish landscape selected in Realdania’s project Stedet Tæller.  Join us on Fur this Thursday 19. June for a presentation of our project to improve visitors facilities in the unique landscape on the north-west side of the island.  The event takes place at Fur Bryghus from 17.00 – 18.30. The project is a collaboration with Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Buro Happold and Anne Tietjen.  >Read more about the project here [Stedet Tæller…


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