The museum in the city / The city in the museum The Museum of Copenhagen opened in Febryary 2020 in architect Hans J. Holm’s listed building from 1894 in Stormgade 18. The restoration and transformation of the building has been executed in a rich interdisiplinary collaboration where the architectural and historical values of the building are re-evoked through carefully selected additions, transformations and restorations. The spaces of the building are brought to life through a reversible and reflective exhibition architecture and site specific lighting project which balances the rationel with the poetic in respect and dialogue with the original richness of…


5 beautiful hearts to Museum of Copenhagen
Congratulations to the Museum of Copenhagen and the entire design team behind the transformation of the historical building in Stormgade 18 in central Copenhagen, that receives five beautiful hearts in a review by danish newspaper POLITIKEN. We are enthusiastic about the atmospheric exhibition architecture by JAC Studios and lighting design by Fortheloveoflight that seems to bring architect Hans J. Holm’s newly restored buidling back to life in all the beautiful colors by color conservatist Anne Simonsen from Københavns Konservatorer. Restoration architects: LETH & GORI and Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter Engineering: Hundsbæk & Henriksen Exhibition architect: JAC Studios Lighting design: Fortheloveoflight…


Københavns Museum
On February 7th the new Museum of Copenhagen will open in the carefully renovated listed building by architect Hans J. Holm that date from 1894, in central Copenhagen. The richly decorated historical building has been transformed into a beautiful and atmospheric home for the new Museum of Copenhagen and it’s coming exhibitions. Her Majesty The Queen will open the museum. Together with our partner Rørbæk og Møller Architects, LETH & GORI has led the entire design team in the undertaking of the complex restoration work. Engineering consultants: Hundsbæk & Henriksen. Color conservation: Københavns Konservatorer v/ Anne Simonsen The new beautiful exhibition…


Museum of Copenhagen forms the beautiful setting and location for RUM International’s photo shoot ‘COLOURS OF COPENHAGEN’ in the magazine’s fifth edition of 2018. The interior colour program of the Museum of Copenhagen is based on a carefull study and research of the original colours of the historic building. Colours are designed in collaboration with conservator Anne Simonsen from Københavns Konservatorer. The restoration work on the new (old) museum building has been managed by LETH & GORI together with our partner Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter. The project is the result of a year-long design process in close collaboration with The Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen…


Museum of Copenhagen | Lecture on architect Hans Jørgen Holm (1835-1916)
Starting from the ongoing transformation of architect Hans Jørgen Holm (1835-1916) beautifully crafted building in Stormgade 18 for the Museum of Copenhagen, Karsten lectures at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, on Holm ‘s oevre and importance as architect. A travel back in time to the 1890’s of Copenhagen and further back to the Aachen Cathedral (Church of St. Mary), San Vitale in ravenna and Hagia Sophia.


Topping out ceremony on Museum of Copenhagen
The ongoing restoration and transformation work on the new Museum of Copenhagen and Stormgade 20 has reached the topping out ceremony which will be celebrated on 19th January 2017. Together with our partner Rørbæk og Møller, LETH & GORI leads the entire design team and construction management on site. The project is the result of a year-long and inspiring design process in close collaboration with The Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen City Archives (Københavns Stadsarkiv), The City of Copenhagen – Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen and Byggeri København. See more here: Museum of Copenhagen And here: Transformation project Stormgade 20


Construction has started on the new Museum of Copenhagen. The ongoing demolition work is revealing the building’s hidden layers of history in an archeological process where building gems and stories belonging to the house are slowly beeing excavated. We feel the presence of architect Hans J. Holm – almost as if the building works as a time machine. The Museum of Copenhagen is moving to Stormgade 18 where the museum re-opens in 2018. The new location close to other museums and cultural institutions will bring about new opportunities for co-creation and cooperation. The project also includes the renovation and transformation of the neighbouring building in…


Work has started on the transformation of Stormgade 20 in central Copenhagen. Built in 1894 – just two years before the neighboring future museum building in Stormgade 18 (known as Overformynderiet). Stormgade 20 will house office and workshop spaces for the future organisation of History and Art (Historie og Kunst) under the City of Copenhagen. On the top floor of number 20 a new roof floor with cantina space and a roof terrace allows for views of the Copenhagen skyline. LETH & GORI are collaborating with Rørbæk & Møller Architects and engineers Hundsbæk & Henriksen on the project.          


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